About Us

The name Delilah means delicate or passionate. Delilah represents beauty, strength, and love. We believe all you girls are a Delilah and deserve to feel beautiful, especially to embrace your natural beauty. 

We believe that eyelashes and eyebrows play a huge role in a woman's face and that every girl CAN have long thick lashes. You might be thinking, nope, that's not me. But, the truth is, with proper care, you can grow and enhance your lashes and brows. You don't need to live on eyelash extensions or fake lashes all the time. Simply using products to enhance your lashes and brows will do the trick. 

Driven by Fierce, Delilah is the answer to all your Eyebrow and Eyelash needs. reBrow and reLash are formulated to achieve the best eyebrow and eyelash appearance: making your LASHES AND BROWS feel fuller and helps with long term strength and growth! 


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